I believe your week has been good so far. The month of March was awesome, in all the special events that occurred only women were celebrated twice internationally, the International women’s Day and Mother’s Day. 

Thank God for the life of every woman out there and their contributions to humanity especially the Christian women bloggers who through their platforms has created positive change, self-awareness and individual identity in Christ, an understanding of the place of a woman in the Christian journey and the world at large.  

I cannot forget to mention a surprise email that I received on the 18th of March from Feedpost that ‘Spicesofwomanhood’ was enlisted and featured as one of the Top 100 Christian Women blogs 2021. This was mind-blowing and I am honoured to be on that list. I officially launched my blog in March 2020, during the first COVID 19 lockdown. Evers since I have been working on it, though at some point after 4 months I felt I should stop because there was no visitor yet something within told me to keep going, and I thank God I did not stop, I trusted God that He will bring the visitors that the blog will benefit from the blog. I was glad when I received a message from a visitor that one of my articles opened her eyes and made her rise from her corner, and I have seen more visitors afterwards.

Blogging is not just a hobby is a passion and a calling that creates a community based on making a difference. Before I started, I love visiting blogs and I still do. I look forward to meeting more bloggers in the future, more visitors, and the continuous growth of my blog. I am grateful to God that I could be found in this short time. Thank you to Feedpost, they have indeed Spiced up my blog. 

To all the visitors your contributions and comments are all appreciated. It is my earnest desire to keep you satisfied within this platform. Thank you for making this blog one to be reckoned with, my success is your success, your satisfaction and inspiration is my priority. 

Thank God we matched the right things in March” Ernest AgyemangAs we said goodbye to the winter and welcomed the early morning sun in March, I believe April will be better. Let us welcome it with open arms. It is coming with lots of victories, and opportunities, take your position with determination and focus, there is no stopping you if you carry a vision, set a goal plan, and let it guide you this month, be encouraged and do not lose your will power.

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, which represents the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, may you resurrect from any pit you see yourself and rise like the morning. See you at the top. 



  1. This is awesome, march was indeed great, hopefully April will bring us more goodies. Weldone Peace.


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