A loving mother of three(3), a wife to a pastor and also assistant pastor in my local church. A Christian, born and raised in Nigeria now reside in the Republic of Ireland with my family. I’m a relentless writer/Author, Administrator, a devoted christian mentor, also a Community Health and Social-care worker. Growing up was a mixture of affluence and suffering, with first-hand experiences of a challenging teenage life, but you know what, I refused to allow all that define me or what I want to do. As a mother I had a few challenging childbirth issues that almost took My life but Jesus came through for me and I am till standing strong. Life experiences has taught me a lot. Having worked in a humanitarian organisation as a young girl, I also know what it means to be disadvantaged yet resilient. Worked with orphaned children and vulnerable children. It’s my passion to encourage others and yourself, yes ‘you’ to spice up your life and be the best you can be for yourself through my write-ups.

I have passion for a variety of things; love my writing, singing is my safe haven, reading, creative artwork and I love my kitchen(whooo!! what’s sizzling in the pot🍲) and a good helping hand for any one that need my ✋. There’s a lot we can do together And I’m sure you will be moved to arise.