I’m Peace.

A loving mother of three(3), a wife to a pastor, and an assistant pastor in my local church. A Christian born and raised in Nigeria presently resides in the Republic of Ireland with my family.

I remain a relentless writer/Author, Administrator, a devoted Christian mentor. I have worked in several humanitarian organisations in different positions. I am currently an active Community Health and Social care worker.

I have passion for a considerable variety of things; love my writing, singing is my Haven, I enjoy reading, creative artwork and I love my kitchen; Whoa!! What’s sizzling in the pot🍲, and a good helping hand for anyone that needs me✋.
My interest in the affairs and well being of women motivated me to write my first book “THE SPICES OF WOMANHOOD” which exposes the true worth of a woman.

I have had life experiences growing up which has taught me a lot and helped me drift from one level of life to a new and better one, and it keeps getting better.

There’s a lot we can do together and I am sure you will be moved to arise. Let’s do this😊

We are dedicated to inspire women as a result of personal experiences, by creating awareness on how to be the best version of yourself with confidence, resilience and Christian values. This gives you the opportunity to understand you can be the personality you ought to be and bring back the spices and sweetness into your life, and in any of your chosen career or calling.

Spicesofwomanhood deals extensively on exposing and charging women, that there are treasures God has deposited in you. Encouraging women to take up the challenges of reformation in all aspects of life, understand they are a gift to humanity, so that together we can make our environment a better place to live.

We highlight the true beauty of the woman and what she is worth.

We give life changing and inspiring posts to help improve your self-esteem, immerse yourself in great confidence no matter the challenges, with the attitude that challenges are stepping stones to a new dimension of life.

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