You are welcome to my blog Spicesofwomanhood. I believe that somehow, someone you and I know or have met before must have mentioned this site or my name to you. It could also be that we have met somewhere, either on social media or you probably stumbled on this site while you are surfing online or any of my articles via (Facebook/LinkedIn). 

Well, whichever way, it gladdens my heart that you are here now.

Just for you to know, while you are here, your presence is well acknowledged.

You will find invaluable articles, ideas, and inspirational resources that will help you, to be yourself in the best possible and simplest way.

The beautiful thing is that, they are raw, transparent, and above all anchored in the scriptures/the Bible. I hope you get encouraged and enjoy your time here.

Cheers 🍻💖❤

Latest from the Blog

I’m Peace,

A loving mother of three(3), a wife to a pastor, and also an assistant pastor in my local church. A daughter of Jesus Christ, born and raised in Nigeria now resides in the Republic of Ireland with my family. I’m a relentless writer/Author, Administrator, a devoted Christian mentor, also a Community Health and Social-care worker. If you want to know more check me out in the ABOUT PAGE


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5 comments on “Home”

  1. Thanks for the link Peace… God bless us all 😇💜 + God help me with what I’m suffering. .. Please!


    1. Hi Yvonne, thanks for dropping by. Just to let you know that you are stronger than you can ever imagine. God has kept you up until now because He cares about you. Your strength lies within. You are a Priceless Jewel before the Lord, you are not forsaken. I love your confidence and Hope. I encourage you to listen to this song: I know who I am by Sinach on youtube.


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