Pedal on, Don’t give up.

Dreams motivate and keep me going. It fires me up and makes me get on my feet and start scribbling things down for a new book. When you have dreams, it fires you up to face your challenges, not allowing the challenges to stop you, because you want your dreams to come alive, Zech.4:6-9. Keep […]

Beauty In Grace(BIG)🙏👑

A woman who doesn’t know her worth will settle for less than she deserves and finds herself trapped in a mess even harder for her to get out of.  You are BIG. Intentionally set your goals, set your key priorities, set your standards, and typically allow God to be the Pilot. You have undoubtedly got nothing to lose with HIM.���� It is time for you to rise and discover yourself. The future is bright for you if only you will discover who you are and whose child you are. You have to tap the natural endowment God has carefully deposited in you. God did not leave any of His beloved children without potentials.  Do not reduce your possible […]