Pedal on, Don’t give up.

Dreams motivate and keeps me going. It fires me up and makes me get on my feet and start scribbling things down for a new book. When you have dreams it fires you up to face your challenges, not allowing them to stop you, because you want your dreams to come alive, Zech.4:6-9. Keep  going until the final whistle is blown as in a football field. Never let yesterday’s dissappointments overshadow todays dreams, because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Situations around will make you see your mission as ‘impossible’ but be courageous, and don’t give-in to them. With God all things are possible. Many have left and abandoned their marriages, children, jobs/carrer, passion, even ministerial callings because of challenges. 

Refuse to quit, refuse to end before its time. When others are saying thereis a casting down, say to yourself there is a lifting for me-Job 22:28-29. Make these challenges the stepping stones to your goal and achievement, use it as a platform to your next move. They are part of the subjects you have to take in lifes training especially as a child of God. You can’t take some and leave some subjects -Job 2:10b. It’s all in the package. Challenges makes life interesting; but overcoming it makes life meaningful. Great works are performed not by strenght but by perseverence. Do not stop until its all over, quitting should not be an option at all. It’s ok to take a good break if you have to refuel. Hold on and move forward, looking unto Jesus Christ the Author and finisher of our Faith. If you let God be your referee, you will never be ashamed, rather than be a quitter you will be a winner, and rather than be a victim you will be  a victor. Don’t stop when God (your referee) has not blown the whistle .

See you at the finishing line

Cheers 🚵✅

Go Get it.

There’s something going on in your mind for some time now. It has been brewing so strong like a tsunami inside of you. Don’t wave it off. You will agree with me that anytime it starts, the feeling is like you can actually touch it right ?

I want to encourage your heart, be charged, be determined,, let the fire burn, don’t let it turn into ashes, it’s time, Go Get it.

Like William James will say, “there is nothing so fatiguing as the external hanging of an uncompleted task” . The task has already started in your Spirit man/ mind, you have to complete it by giving it a face, give it a name, let the sun shine on it. Don’t wait till you feel like doing anything before you do it. Start now because it is connected to your valued success in life.

You may not have a perfect time to dig. Remember, God could not wait for Peter to finish preaching before baptizing Cornelius with Holy Ghost because it was time. You don’t need to have everything before you start. Zig Ziglar once said “You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great”. So I implore you to Go Get it. See you on the other side Cheers.😉😉

Strengthen the core.

Hello beautiful, don’t loose the sight of who you are. Like pineapple🍍, get a strong confident posture.
When the core is strong, you will carry yourself with confidence, being in control of your life not feeling defeated/ inferior or lost.
Your dress sense will change and you will feel great within because the core is strong💪.
Your Core is within you. Find it. How strong is yours right now ? It will be nice to hear from you.💖


When you discover yourself you will understand how beautiful you are.
Beauty is you discovering who you really are from the inside.
Confidently be you, and do you, then spread your wings to soar in the storm, because when you discover you, you can soar against the storm confidently.

Tell yourself, ‘I am beautiful, Confident, strong and loved’.
God loves you more.