A hearty congratulations to all the women out there, on their efforts, pursuits, and contributions in making the world a better place. Always know that you are fearfully and wonderfully designed.

You are smart, beautiful, and stronger than you can imagine.

You are brave relentless and loaded with great potentials.

Just know that wherever you see yourself today, high or low, it is not the least of your achievements. There is more in store for you, more grounds to cover, so it’s time to step on it girl.

Do not underestimate who you are and the grace bestowed on you as a woman, there is something special about you as a woman.

It is important to understand that you carry a womb that has the potential to bring forth life, not just human life, but whatever seed that is placed in your hand should not die, you have the potential to bring that seed to life.

Do not let your gifts, talents, or potentials waste, you have to deliver, though it may come with some struggles, the grace you carry can handle it.

Give that gift a voice, break all possible limitations including those from your past, do not let them stop you.

Do not let your limitations be your downfall make them your spotlight…..
Click on the link below to access the full video,


Watch “HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY” on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/Lz_WBkHVXbw

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