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Who is she?
Where can you find her? (Proverbs 31:10)
A noblewoman is the fairest one amongst all other women, and she does noble things. she is a full spiced woman whose strength is rested in the Lord. she is a person of her words and very firm in what she believes in. when she speaks she adds value and impacts with her words unto anyone listening, she knows how to bridle her tongue and how to use her words
A noblewoman does not seek recognition from anyone rather her works speak for her in the gates. she does not blow her own trumpet.
She is a beauty with a brain and full of divine wisdom(Proverbs 31:30). Never think because you are married to a priest, you are a priest, deaconess, or that you are born into a royal home qualifies you to be a noble person. It is not about your rank, career, the political or social position that makes you one.
According to Peace Odunze, author of the book Spices of womanhood ”Nobility through the accumulation of wealth is not enough to make a woman noble and virtuous, but that which comes from Christ Jesus”. A noblewoman is a vision bearer, she bears great ideas that breed greatness………..

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  1. Dear Peace
    Thank you very much for underscoring once more, the importance of being a noble woman.
    I am afraid that nowadays, these kinds of standards are fast becoming archaic.
    But thank God for voices like you, who speaking and celebrating the values of nobility.
    A noble woman keeps to her words and stands by what she believes.
    Thank you for this reminder, Peace.


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