Build your self-esteem, know who you are and accept ‘You’ as ‘You’ and work on your weak areas.
We all have weaknesses but do not let them overwhelm you.
Comparing yourself makes you lose sight of who you are.
It makes it hard for you to enjoy who you are and be fulfilled as a girl, lady, woman.
Do not allow anyone to take the wheel off your hand.
Do not allow other people to take the driver seat of your life
Do not allow their status, position or achievements to make you feel less of yourself.
You can do better.
Just build on what you already have in your hand, source out if you have to, think yourself to be special and unique in your way.
Resist those little voices in your head. Tell yourself  “Yes, I can do it” and see the Lord crown your efforts with success and make your “Wow” factor visible again.

Cheers and be happy

© Peace Ijeoma Onyebuchi

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