Time to shed your cocoon.

How bad can it be? There is so much going on around and within you, the good, the bad and the ugly. But you choose to focus on the outward; you always put on a smiling face with beautiful make-up, but right inside is bleeding.

We all have it. We all have ashes somehow. It could be the past, which has broken, crushed and left you wounded for years within. It could be the present, and every fresh morning is like a fresh hell.

Hey! heads up, there is hope and redemption. God has promised in (Isaiah 61:3)To appoint into those that mourn in zion, to give them beauty for ashes, oil of Joy for moruning, garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified”

The time for your change is now. It is time to give it all up and shed those weights. It is time to position yourself for this change, just like a caterpillar🐛🐛 aligning itself in the right position because it is aware that change is around the corner and it is certain. If this is not done the full potential will never be reached. You must shed the cocoon, the veil, that has limited you. Give up your ashes, ashes of isolation, ashes of shame, ashes of rejection, anger, inferiority complex, ashes of not-good-enough etc.

This is transition time. It is time to receive beauty for your ashes. You are the Apple of God’s eyes, bought with a precious price and you are royal, do not dwell or withhold your ashes, Drop it. Even the caterpillar is eager to come out of the cocoon, immediately it is time, it breaks forth and begins to fly with its new and well-decorated wings. This is how it should be for you now. Be eager to come out, the world is waiting for you to fly and soar, and keep soaring. When the butterfly comes out of its cocoon it never goes back to it, it flys until the day it dies.

Give it up, dust off the ashes and allow God to decorate you again with beautiful wings to fly. Come off it now, stand tall, be the pineapple lady, wear your 👑 crown, you can be sweet again inside and out, allow your inside beauty speak . You are beautifully designed. Soar high and reach for the sky.💕💕


  1. Love the message today very inspiring..shed your cocoon wear your crown. Women need to hear this kind of message everyday ..we need to support empowered ourselves.
    Great Message sis Peace💪💙🙏

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