Go Get it.

There’s something going on in your mind for some time now. It has been brewing so strong like a tsunami inside of you. Don’t wave it off. You will agree with me that anytime it starts, the feeling is like you can actually touch it right ?

I want to encourage your heart, be charged, be determined,, let the fire burn, don’t let it turn into ashes, it’s time, Go Get it.

Like William James will say, “there is nothing so fatiguing as the external hanging of an uncompleted task” . The task has already started in your Spirit man/ mind, you have to complete it by giving it a face, give it a name, let the sun shine on it. Don’t wait till you feel like doing anything before you do it. Start now because it is connected to your valued success in life.

You may not have a perfect time to dig. Remember, God could not wait for Peter to finish preaching before baptizing Cornelius with Holy Ghost because it was time. You don’t need to have everything before you start. Zig Ziglar once said “You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great“. So I implore you to Go Get it. See you on the other side Cheers.😉😉

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